Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chapter 18.

Three weeks later...

Jon's new york appartment.

"Hey hun are you okay?" Caddy asked sitting next to Jon on the couch. "Caddy, I....I don't think this is gonna work out..." Jon whispered, Caddy turned to look at Jon "you don't think what is going to work out?" she asked, Jon turned and looked at her "us...I don't think WE are going to work out! Your a great beautiful girl Caddy...but that's the point your a girl... I was in highschool when you were born...I'm...I'm sorry" Caddy nodded with tears in her eyes "" she said running out. Jon buried his face in his hands. He saw she had left her jacket, he grabbed it and ran after her.

Caddy was sitting on the bench outside the building. "Hi...I think you forgot this..." He said putting it on the seat next to her, Caddy didn't look at him, Jon sighed "i'm sorry" he whispered. Caddy looked up at him, not saying a word. "I'm sorry I lied to you about why I broke up with you...the real reason is...I don't like people who care about what they look like...I like REAL women, women that aren't afraid of what others think of them..." Caddy stood up and leaned in to kiss him, but Jon stood back. "No..." he turned away and walked down the street.

A few hours later....

Jon went and got his Austin Martin because he wanted to go to New Jersey. "Good evening Mr.Bongiovi, which car would you like me to get?" the attendent asked "It's fine I'll get it, thanks anyway..." Jon said getting his keys out of his pocket and getting into his Austin. "Enjoy your evening Mr.Bongiovi" The attendent said with a smile "Thank's Victor..I'm going to Jersey for some time I should be back next week. Cya" Jon said driving off.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chapter 17.

Jon walked angirly into Stephanies room. He saw Jason was sitting down on the chair, playing with Romeo. "Get out" Jon told him, Jason didn't move, "GET OUT" Jon shouted, Jason put Romeo down, stood up and started to walk out of the room. "Nice one asshole..." he mumbled while he was walking past Jon. "What you say?" Jon asked "I said nice one asshole" Jason said, Jon would have punched Jason, if his kids weren't in the room, so he just gave him a dirty look. He then scooped Romeo up, Romeo cuddled into Jon. Jon's phone rang, "dadadadadadadadadada" Romeo said wanting to answer Jon's phone. Jon handed the phone to Romeo "hello?....ine...bye" he then shoved it up to Jon's ear. "Hello?...Hey mom....yes Stephanie's fine....yes so are the rest of I dunno....I'll think about it....fine I'll do it...I'll do it okay mom...I gotta go now 'cause Jake want's his go...okay bye...yeah love you too mom...bye..." Jon handed the phone to Jake. Jake ran over to the otherside of the room. Jon lay his head on top of Romeo's, his hair was so soft and smelt like Johnsons baby shampoo. Romeo looked up into Jon's eyes, seeing Romeo's brown eyes made Jon think of what Dorothea said. Jon felt like curling up in a big ball in his bed and crying, never coming out again.

Chapter 16.

Jon sat next to Stephanie as she slept. He could not believe he let his daughter, one of the two women which he loved that were left in his life (The other was his mother) get shot. Jon took hold of Stephanie's small hand. Next thing Dorothea came through the doors. Followed by Jason. She ran over to Stephanie, "Don't wake her up..she needs her sleep" Jon said firmly, Dorothea glared at him. "Can I speek to you outside for a minute?" she asked, she seemed angry. Jon stood up and walked outside the door.

"HOW COULD YOU LET MY DAUGHTER GET SHOT?!?!?!?" she screamed at him, "Dorothea..." Jon said trying to coax her into an empty room. "NO JON!" she said shrugging his hand off her arm. "Dorothea just go in the room" he said calmly "no" Dorothea replied "I SAID GET IN THE GOD DAMN ROOM!" Jon shouted, he looked around and saw everyone was staring at them. Dorthea went into the room quickly, Jon slammed the door shut. "Jon when Stephanie gets out of here...I'm taking the kids and going" she told him "what you mean your going?" Jon asked "Stephanie's getting out of here in a week...I'll bring the children to say goodbye to you" Dorothea said looking straight into Jon's eyes. Jon stared at her not saying anything. "I wan you to know.. I'm very happy for you..I always knew you would find someone" she told him. "Why don't you sit down?" Jon asked pointing to one of the seats " i'm not staying long...I have to go home and pack all the childrens stuff..." "there's some thing's I want to talk to you about" Jon said sitting down "some thing's that have been on my mind...changes I want to make" he continued "I think it's too late for that" Dorothea told him "it's never too late" Jon said looking up at Dorothea. "How did Stephanie get shot Jon?" Dorothea asked Jon crossed his legs, he had gone over it 10000 times in his head. "We just came out from a restraunt..we had lunch with Richie...I was talkin' to Rich while I was puttin' Jake and Romeo in the car..Stephanie was standing behind me...I heard a guy call my name...I looked behind Stephanie and someone was pointing a gun at me...before I had time to tell Stephanie to run...he shot" "why was someone pointing a gun at you?" she asked "I don't know.....Rich thinks it was to do with this fight I witnessed the other night...but it had nothin' to do with me Dorothea..I swear...I don't know why they came after me...." Jon told her. "Now your not taking the kids away from me. No. You can't. I love them and I have a right to see them" Jon said standing up. "Jon you say you love them...and then you let Stephanie get shot!" Dorothea shouted "there has been things goin' on for years between the mafia and me day they love me like a brother..the next they want to kill have to understand it wasn't my fault!" he told her "BUT IT WAS YOUR FAULT! YOU COULD HAVE PUSHED HER OUT OF THE WAY..YOU COULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING...BUT NO YOU DID NOTHING! LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENED TO US JON! LOOK WHAS HAPPENED TO OUR SON!" Dorothea shouted "nothings happened any of our sons..what are you talking about?" Jon asked "JESSE'S..." Dorothea began "no I don't wanna hear about it" Jon told her "HE'S AFRAID TO COME TO YOU SINCE..." "I don't wanna hear about it..." "HE SAW A GUN BEING POINTED AT YOU" Dorothea began "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!" Jon shouted he then walked over to the window and looked out. "At this moment..the little love I had left for's all gone..." Dorothea told him "Dorothea...go take the kids back to my house..." Jon said leaning against the window "Jon...did you not just hear a word I just said?" she asked " you expect me to let you..and that little pretty boy of you take my kids away from me? DO YOU EXPECT ME TO LET HIM RAISE MY KIDS?! Don't you know me? Don't you know that's an impossibilite that I will never let happen? Don't you know I'd use every last breath of me to keep something like that from not happening?" Jon asked, Dorothea stood quitely just looking at him " time you'll understand why I can't let you do time when your not so angry you'll understand..and you'll forgive me" Jon said taking one of her hands. "I know you blame me for Stephanie getting shot...I know that you blame me for everything that's happened between our family..." he continued "oh...oh Jon...Jon you are blind....this isn't a movie...everything won't get better over night...Jon i'm taking the kids and Jason the kid's and I...were going to start a new life away from you!" Jon's eyes filled with anger "YOU CAN'T TAKE THE LAST FEW PEOPLE I LOVE AWAY FROM ME! YOU CAN'T TAKE MY LITTLE GIRL THE ONLY WOMAN I HAVE LEFT IN LIFE! YOU CAN'T TAKE MY SONS!" Jon shouted "JON YOUR LUCKY I EVEN KEPT ROMEO! I DIDN'T WANT TO BRING ANOTHER SON OR DAUGHTER OF YOURS INTO THE WORLD! BUT I COULDN'T KILL HIM I COULD NEVER HAVE LIVED WITH MYSELF! WHEN I SAW ROMEO..I THANKED GOD HE DIDN'T HAVE YOUR EYES BECAUSE I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO LOOK INTO ONE MORE PAIR OF YOUR EYES....ONE MORE PAIR OF YOUR EYES COULD HAVE KILLED ME!" Dorothea shouted, Jon had never looked more furious. "STOP IT!" Jon said hitting Dorothea, she fell back onto the couch, Jon walked backwards slowly, he couldn't believe he had hit her. "You won't take my children" Jon told her "I WILL!" she shouted getting up. "YOU WON'T TAKE MY CHILDREN" Jon shouted he then stormed out of the room.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chapter 15.

Jon layed on his back on his bed. He had been trying to get to sleep for the last three hours, but for some reason he couldn't. He was thinking of Caddy, he was thinking of his kids, he was thinking of Dorothea, he was thinking of Jason, he was trying to figure out where everything went wrong with him and Dorothea. He traced their whole relationship, from the start where he she let him copy from her in a history test. He remembered the night they went to Vegas to get married, when they found out Dorothea was pregnant with Stephanie. When she gave birth to Stephanie. Finding out she was pregnant again, the birth of Jesse. Moving to London for 3 months, while Jon shot the Leading Man. Finding out she was pregnant with their thrid child in 2003, when he rushed back from new orleans because Dorothea went into labour. When Jake was born. Then two years later finding out she was pregnant with their fourth and final child, Romeo's birth. They were just the highlights, he remembered nearly everything since they first met. Jon sat up, then burst into tears. He realised their break-up was all his fault. Jon was spending more time away from hiS family then he was with them, he was finding more and more projects to do. He hadn't said 'I love you' to Dorothea at all that year and meant it.

The next day Jon was out with the kids, they were meeting up with Richie for lunch. They sat outside a restraunt, Jon tried to settle Romeo and Jake who were very hyper after a bar of chocolate they had taken from the cupboard after Jon telling them not to. Stephanie and Jesse sat unsually quite. "Hey guys" Richie said walking up to them. He kissed Stephanie on the head, ruffled Jesse's hair, and scooped Jake up so Jon only had one kid to try and calm down. "Hey man" Jon nodded, Richie nodded back. "UNLE MOOK!" Romeo screamed excitedly reaching out for Richie. Richie and Jon swaped kids, Romeo gave Richie a big hug, and Jake cuddled up to Jon. A waitress came over and to take their orders. "I'll have the pasta and can I have two other pastas for these two?" Jon asked nodding to Romeo and Jake. "No problem" the waitress said smiling and writing down the order she turned to Richie. "I'll have er....I'll have uh....I'll have a good ol' burger and french fries" Richie smiled and gave the menu to the waitress. "I'll have the pasta" Stephanie said quitely "I'll have the same" Jesse said equally as quite. Richie burst out laughing "you Bongiovi's sure love yer pasta!" Jon joined in on the laughing "we sure do"

An hour later they were walking back to the car. "So you comin' over?" Jon asked Richie, as he was putting Jake and Romeo into the car "yeah sure why not" Richie said leaning against the car. Stephanie stood infront of Jon waiting to get into the car. "Hey Bon Jovi" someone shouted, Jon looked behind Stephanie. Someone was pointing a gun at him, before he could tell Stephanie to get in the car, the man shot. Jon's eyes widened when helooked at Stephanie's stomach. She had just been shot. She fell to the ground. Jon fell to his knees then hunched over Stephanie. He was shaking her head trying to wake her up. " GOD NO NO!" Jon screamed, Richie got his phone out and rang an ambulance. Jon pulled Stephanie up to his chest quickly. Jesse got out of the car and started to run, ichie held him back. "Stephanie!" he started to cry. "Jesse stay back..." Ricihe said holding him back. "OH GOD NO PLEASE! Oh c'mon Stephanie..wake up...please wake up..." Jon sat on the ground next to Stephanie, he buried his head in his hands, he put his head back and screamed a silent scream. He was so upset he could not scream nor cry. He thought she was dead. Richie ran over to Stephanie when he saw the ambulance. The paramedics ran as fast as they could. They started to do CPR on her. One of them felt her neck. "Theres a pulse!" they shouted. Richie went over to Jon trying to hold him up. "Jon she's alive...she's alive Jon" Richie told him, Jon cuoldn't move. He was still in shock. Richie stood him up then they both ran over to the ambulance. Jon got in, "Richie bring the kids to the hosiptal..." Jon told him. Richie nodded and ran over to Jake and Romeo who were crying. Jesse was not, he was standing there staring, he so pale, he looked as if he had just died. Richie scooped Romeo and Jake up. "Come on..we're goin' to the hosiptal" He said locking Jon's car and then getting into his own.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chapter 14.

Jon sat in an armchair in his living room, staring at nothing, but thinking of everything. Jake and Romeo were playing with the toys Jon had bought them, Jesse was playing with his WII and Stephanie was on her macbook. "Dad...." she called, but Jon wasn't paying attention, "dad..." she called again, Jon still didn't answer. She stood up and walked over to Jon, she stood infront of him "dad" she said once again. Jon snapped out of his thoughts "yeah?" he asked "can you help me with a song for music?" she asked quitely. Jon smiled "yeah sure I can" "okay I'll be in my room" she said grabbing her macbook and running upstairs. Jon grabbed a guitar and followed Stepanie up to her room.

He stood outside her room for a few minutes listening to her singing. Her voice was angelic, Jon knocked quitely on the door. "Come in" Stephanie called, Jon opened the door and walked in. Stephanie was sitting on her bed, she was on the internet, Jon saw it was youtube. "So what song are you singing for music?" he asked trying to see the song title of the one she had opened up on youtube. "It's called When The Stars Go Blue" she said pressing play. Jon sat down on the bed and listened, "you know this song is for two people? who's the person your singing with?" Jon asked, "um see everyone's doing something with their I was wondering if you'd sing with me and play guitar?" Stephanie asked. Jon smiled widely "I'd love let's start..." Jon said.

"Dancin' where the stars go blue Dancin' where the evening fell Dancin' in my wooden shoes In a wedding gown" Stephanie sang then she looked at her father "okay that was amazing but try it again...and put emotion in it" Stephanie sang it again and this time she did it almost perfectly. "Dancin' out on 7th street Dancin' through the underground Dancin' little marionette Are you happy now?" Jon sang the second verse. "Dad could you sing it a bit better... like Tyler Hilton" Stephanie asked, Jon laughed "I was a famous singer before he could even talk!" "dad...please" Stephanie asked. Jon sighed and sang it again trying to sound like Tyler Hilton.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chapter 13.

While Jake and Romeo played in the train, Jon started looking around. He was starting to think someone was watching him, "dada look me!" Romeo called. Jon turned quickly, Romeo was sitting in the train, Jon smiled at him then started to look around again. He got out his phone and rang Stephanie. "Hey Steph... where are you?.....okay...we're still in the toy store...we're by the big train thing....oh yeah? much?.....three hundread dollers for a bag?...Oh excuse me a Louis Vuitton bag.....didn't I get you one of them a few weeks ago?...oh fine come to the toy store and we'll pay for the boys stuff then we'll go get this you..." Jon sighed, "c'mon guys we're going" he told them, Jake got off but Romeo wouldn't. "C'mon kiddo" Jon said reaching out for Romeo. Romeo didn't move a mucle, Jon sighed then got in the pulled Romeo out. "Don't you wanna go to McDonalds?" he asked "oh yeah!" Romeo said smiling. They went to the checkout. " wars toys....the pee...." Jon said putting everything up "it's called WII not pee!" Jesse said laughing "oh..right...okay er... that's it.." Jon said looking in the cart. "TRAIN!" Romeo cried "train?" Jon said confused "TRAIN!" Romeo shouted "oh train... uh how much is that train?" Jon asked pointing to it. "Two hundread bucks" the cashier told him. Jon looked down at Romeo, who had tears in his eyes. Jon sighed "and the train...." "Train?" Romeo asked with bright eyes "train." Jon confirmed.

"Okay so where's this bag?" Jon asked following Stephanie. "Here" Stephanie said holding up a gerogeous Louis Vuitton bag. "Ow....ow...ow..." Jon said looking in pain and holding his thigh, "dad what's wrong?!?!?!?" Stephanie asked " wallet!" Jon said getting his wallet out. She looked as though she was going to hit him. Jon laughed "C'mon lets go get this...and go to eat" he said pushing Stephanie away from the bags before she spotted another one she took to her liking.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chapter 12.

"DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DADDD!!!!!!!!" Jesse was running over to Jon excitedly. "Dada train!" Romeo said pointing over to a train and pulling the leg of his jeans "daddy! LOOK STAR WARS!" Jake said running over to a stall with alot of Star Wars toys. Jon looked to see where Jake was going, 'okay he's fine..' he thought. He looked down at Romeo "Yeah we'll go over in a minute Romeo...what Jesse?" Jon asked "THEY'VE GOT THE WII!!!!" Jesse said excitedly "Jess I don't know if they've got a bathroom in here" Jon said looking around for an assistant to ask "NO I DON'T GOTTA LEAK! THEY'VE GOT THE NINTENDO WII!" Jesse pratically shouted, Jon looked confused "what's that?" he asked "it's the new game console from Nintendo AND IT ISN'T COMING OUT TIL SEPTEMBER AND THEIR SELLING IT HERE!!!!!!" Jesse told him, Jon sighed "how much?" "800 bucks" Jesse told him as if it was 20. "EIGHT-HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?!....can't you wait til it comes out?" Jon asked "aww dad c'mon!" Jesse begged "fine...go get one we'll be over by that train" Jon said looking down at Romeo who looked annoyed that he was taking so long. "Yess! Thanks dad" Jesse said running off "TRAIN!" Romeo said pushing his eyebrows together "train" Jon confirmed. "C'mon Jake we're goin' over to the train" Jon called "daddy can I get these?" Jake asked holding a bunch of star wars toys. Jon saw a sign over the toys '70% off' "put them in the cart" Jake threw them in the cart then ran over to the train. Romeo followed.